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Student Life at IIT-KGP has two anchors - Hall and Gymkhana

Hall Culture

  • Halls at Kharagpur: A place to live, nurture, grow and excel
  • Belongingness to one’s hall, often referred to as Hall Tempo, is soon inherited within each KGPian, and henceforth the hall becomes an integral part of one’s identity
  • Broad spectrum of Inter Hall activities canvassed with Intra Hall activities

Hall Day

  • A culture quite unique to IIT Kharagpur
  • Theme based celebration of each hall of residence towards the end of an academic year
  • Celebration of sorts with people inviting their friends to their room and rejoicing the year well spent

Technology Students Gymkhana 

  • Nerve Centre of all extra-curricular and co-curricular activities on campus
  • Incepted in 1952
  • Managed by the students, for the students, under guidance & active participation of faculty and staff members

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Students Activities 


Inter-IIT, Athletics, Football, Aquatics, Hockey, Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Basketball, Table Tennis, Chess, Bridge, Water Polo, Cricket, Weightlifting, Volleyball     

Social & Cultural 

Dramatics, Music, Dance, Debate, Illumination, Rangoli, Spring Fest


Kshitij, Knowledge Cup (Tech Quiz, Biz Quiz, Math Olympiad), Innovation Cup (Hardware Modeling, Ad Design, Product Design), Application Cup (Case Study, Chemical Innovation, Open Soft)

Community Service 

Weekly teaching, Scholarship and study support, Support to women self-help group, Medical camp, Backward caste certificate camp, Awareness campaigns, Cloth distribution, Village road-building.

Diwali Celebrations

Celebrating Diwali is a part of the students life at IIT-KGP. Students prepare for over a month for a competition which takes place on the day of Diwali for best Illumination (lighting lamps - Diyas) and Rangoli. This is an inter-hall competition and prize is awarded by Technology Students Gymkhana every year on the same day. Students exhibit extraordinary skills in conceptualizing, designing, execution and apllication of technological methods in this competition.

Students On-Campus Amenities

Commercial: Market/ Bank / PO / Travels 

Social / Entertainment: Games & Sports: Pool, Gym, Tennis; Auditoria / Club / Community Centre; Eateries : Several

Infrastructure: 24 hr Power / Water / Network, Well maintained Roads, Parks, Spaces