21 Hostels - 12000~ students 

New Halls

LBS: The Lal Bahadur Shastri Hall of Residence is among the newest hostels. The four storey building is a fine example of the infrastructural expansion and renovation that the campus has undergone in the recent years. With an expandable capacity of more than 2000, it currently houses 1400 students which include first and second year B.Tech students.

MMM: Pronounced 'Triple M', the Madan Mohan Malviya hall is divided into four blocks, this hall can house over 1600 students with two people sharing a room. 

Sister Nivedita: Sister Nivedita Hall of Residence is dedicated to accommodate the growing number of girl students. 


Fun in the Old Blocks

Patel: Being the hall which once housed the Gymkhana, its walls speak of stories of the past and present. The motto of the hall is lux et veritas vincant (translated as “Let Light and Truth Prevail”) and the residents and alumni, better known as Patelians, live by this motto.

Azad: With a rich heritage of dramatics and literary professional artworks to boast of, Azad has always promoted its boarders to come up, nurture and showcase their talents. Having started ‘Illumination’ at IIT Kharagpur, life at Azad is always full of excitement and one could always count on a few incorrigible nutcases to spice up the lives of the hall residents.

Nehru: Located in a corner of the so-called PAN loop, Nehru Hall is the second oldest hall of residence. The hall is well known for developing a culture, so unique and prosaic, that is systematically propagated from generation to generation. A naive visitor on a wintry night, is indeed, often amazed at the abrupt transition to a warmth and bustle of relentless activity, as he steps inside from the cold and desolation. 

RK:  Radha Krishnan Hall stands out for its unique culture, which is woven around the principle of unity, especially its Wing culture, where boarders of all years live together, giving excellent exposure and enrichment to a RKite's life. RKites of yesteryears occupy some of the most important positions in industry and academics. RK Hall has always stood as one of the foremost in the campus, be it sports, so-cults or the coveted Illumination. 

RP: Being the hall that is closest to the main entrance of IIT Kharagpur, Rajendra Prasad Hall of Residence has always greeted the campus visitors very proudly. RP Hall also boasts of being the hall with the largest number of boarders. The motto of Rajendra Prasad Hall is ‘Gentlemen by Choice’ and the boarders of the hall give the fullest justice to their motto.

LLR: Lajpatians go with the motto of “Karmanyeva hi samsiddhi hi”, mainly believes in two phrases “Hard Work” and “Fight Till the End”. Lajpatians seek an opportunity to learn and excel at everything and every moment, be it sports, social and cultural activities, technology events, academics or pursuit of their own hobbies. Lajpatians strive for an all-round and balanced development in both academic and extra-academic activities.

HJB: Overlooking the Gymkhana, Homi Jahangir Bhaba Hall of Residence stands as one of the youngest halls in the campus. Within the hallowed portals of its unique hexagonal shape the boarders of the hall truly live by the motto 'all for one, one for all'. Armed with enthusiasm and the zeal to succeed, the hall is fast out-growing its brief history into promising days ahead.

MS: Being an MSite is about being together as a family, standing tall together through storms. In a world which is dying from multiple factions of the society breaking apart, no MSite ever stands alone because :"Ibi Concordia Ubi Victoria- Where there is unity, there is victory". The enthusiasm to learn together, to go through joy of victory and sorrow of defeat together as a team, this is the ideology that defines the students of the Meghnad Saha hall.

Accommodation for Girls

SN/ IG: For decades, the Sarojini Naidu / Indira Gandhi Hall has been the home away from home for undergraduate women students. Despite the fewer number of its residents, the SN/IG Hall has carved its own niche in academics, in various socio-cultural and sports events and competitions organized by the students’ Gymkhana. In the past, SN/ IG Hall has churned out well-educated, empowered and aware citizens, dedicated to strive for excellence in their fields, thus reflecting the changing face of the new generation of Indian women.

MT:  One of the new Halls on the block, Motehr Teresa Hall has an open and free platform to achieve your academic ambitions as well as discover your talents, with friendly approachable seniors to help you out along the way.