At IIT Kharagpur, you fulfil your dream of becoming a distinguished professional, pride of the nation and a world citizen!

Over the last several decades IIT Kharagpur has fulfilled the dreams of many students who have graduated so far. Our alumni have distinguished themselves in almost every field as scientists, academicians, technocrats, industry captains, architects, bureaucrats and have made significant contributions in building modern India. A large no. of them has also made their mark as successful entrepreneurs, academicians or scientists abroad.

We also take pride in producing alumni who have served the country as RBI governor, as Indian ambassador, as Chief Minister, as winner of prestigious Ramon Magsaysay awards, as winner of prestigious medals like VSM, AVSM from the President of India for serving the Indian ARMY, NAVY or the AIRFORCE.  Some have made their mark as novelists or as Editors of Magazines and Newspapers, as botany experts, in film making, photography or social work too.

And the list goes on...

Here is a glimpse of some of them listed Department-wise



Down Memory Lane

"It has been forty years since I graduated from IIT Kharagpur. What I learnt there in my formative years has had a very positive influence on my personality and my outlook on life. I owe a great deal to IIT Kharagpur.”  

Duvvuri Subbarao (69/PHY) [IAS, Former RBI Governor, Economist]  


"What IIT taught me was not so much as how to build a radio or a television, but to take a large what seems like a complex problem, reduce it to number of variables and look at the critical variables to try and get a solution. That is what helped me in my life”

Arjun Malhotra (EC/70/RP) [ Co-Founder HCL, Founder Headstrong]


“The most important thing IIT gave me was confidence, and it helped me in everything I did. If you assemble the best brains and live with them for five years, you feel good, happy and confident in life”

Bikram Dasgupta (73/MA/RP) [Founder Globsyn Group]


“My aim was to make the students socialize with each other. For me, the hostel represented the country.”

H. Harish Hande (90/EE/NH), [ Co-Founder SELCO, Ramon Magsaysay Award Winner]


“After my parents, IIT Kharagpur had the biggest influence on my life. Going to Kharagpur is like going home”

Vinod Gupta (AG/67/RK) [CEO infoGROUP]


“Proud to pay a humble tribute to my Alma Mater! Your mission in life is not complete unless you are a worthy human being and pay back in one way or other to the society."

Srigopal Rajgarhia (CH/68/NH) [Entrepreneur]


"I am very proud to be from IIT Kharagpur and would like to thank my fellow 1991 batchmates to make the fund raising experience one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life."

Maneesh Bhandari (EC/91/RK) [Social Entrepreneur]


“There are those who give so much without asking that even a lifetime is not enough to repay the debt of obligation. KGP is that someone for me.”

Krishnaraj Venkataraman (EE/91/RP) [Entrepreneur]


"Five years in KGP will always be the best memories of my life. Giving back feels wonderful !!"

Prem Puthur (Ag/75/PH) [Chairman and CEO Interlink Network Systems  Inc.]



"IIT-KGP provided a firm foundation and excellent education to me and I am happy to be part of fund-raising efforts to provide excellent education opportunities for other young people eager to make their marks in the world we call home."

Amitava H Roy  (CH/70/PH) [President & CEO IFDC]


 "‎I was at IIT Kharagpur from 1985 to 1989 and I think that was the most critical period of my life. Whatever I learnt at IIT has stayed with me...the    entire culture, environment has laid the foundation in my life...and I am very grateful to my alma mater."

 Arvind Kejriwal (ME/89/NH) [Chief Minister Delhi, Ramon Magsaysay Award Winner, Former IRS Officer]