Want to learn more than one discipline?

IIT-KGP is your ultimate destination. Join our Dual degree Program.

In today’s fast growing world, dual degrees seem to be in trend among the youngsters with a majority of them aiming to hit two birds with one stone. As the name suggests, a dual degree program is one which requires a single course of study but two degrees are awarded in the consolidated time period. Additionally a dual degree program can give interdisciplinary exposure. While the B.Tech. is undertaken in one major discipline the M.Tech. can be undertaken in another discipline.

You can do B.Tech. in any engineering discipline and pursue multi-disciplinary course in another discipline:

(1) M.Tech. in Financial Engineering,

(2) M.Tech. in Engineering Entrepreneurship,

(3) M.Tech. in Quantized Elastic Deformational Model (QEDM) under various coordinating Departments,

(4) M.Tech. in Energy Engineering,

(5) M.Tech. in Environmental Engineering,

(6) MBA

Alternatively you can get both B.Tech. and M.Tech. degrees within 5 years thus giving you in-depth knowledge of the discipline you have chosen.

Interdisciplinary Dual Degree Curricula

Co-curricular Activities

IIT-KGP promotes co-curricular programs through innovative research projects. This inculcates in you research competence and industry-worthiness through sponsored research

  • Student Driven Programmes -  SAE Formula Car, Boeing Aircraft Design, KRSSG, Humanoid, Swarm Robotics, Quadrotor, Autonomous Ground Vehicle, Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

  • Students' E-Cell: Workshops, Competitions

  • Technology Transfer Group: IndAC, Tech Transfer, TEDx