IIT-KGP offers a global perspective to the students starting from academics, internships, contests and conferences 

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Academic Program by International Faculty

You can enrol for academic courses offered by international faculty at IIT-KGP during summer and winter recess. IIT Kharagpur started the first international summer and winter term (ISWT) where the national and international students got opportunity to seek knowledge and experience from the reputed International faculty through intensive study of subjects and personal interactions. This was later scaled up by the Ministry of Human Resources Develpment as Global Initiative for Academic Networks (GIAN) led by IIT Kharagpur. By bringing together participants and faculty from India and around the world, the GIAN is not only be academically stimulating but also offer an opportunity to make new friends and to interact with international experts. The subjects are designed around current and multidisciplinary themes of Science, Engineering, Management and Law.   

SGR International Program

Funded by alumnus Shrigopal Rajgarhia (BTech/ChE/1968), the SGR International Program works to enhance IIT Kharagpur's international engagement through five different schemes:

  • SGR International Faculty Outreach Program
  • SGR International Research Scholar Support Program
  • SGR International Student Scholarship Program
  • SGR International Workshops/Meetings
  • SGR Student International Travel Support

While the first four schemes focus on attracting international faculty and students to IIT Kharagpur, the last one aims to support the participation of IIT Kharagpur student community in various international fora.

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Participation in International Contests and Conferences

As part of co-curricular activities, students at IIT-KGP participate in various contests and conferences across the globe. Several of them received prizes for innovations, idea generation, project paper etc. The best part is IIT-KGP and its alumni fund participation in these programs.

The Institute has an international travel support program under the aegies of Dean, Student Affairs. Also the alumni through the IIT KGP Foundation USA supports students travel and hospitality each year for select international competitions. 

International Intenships at Foreign Universities

The students at IIT KGP spread across the world in top universities and institutions for global exposure in academics, research and industry orientation.

The best part is IIT-KGP and its alumni fund participation in these programs. The IIT KGP Foundation USA offers funding for international internships upto an amount of $3000/-.

The map below gives an idea of the density of students pursuing internships in various regions around the world. 



Higher Studies 

The international exposure at IIT-KGP enables the passing out graduates to join top foreign universities for postgraduate or research programmes. In the graph below we have accounted for the top ten choices of renowned international universities where the KGP graduates take admission for further studies.

 Visit https://international.iitkgp.ac.in for more information