Chetan Sharma
JEE Rank: 

Sir, with my rank should I choose (or, expect, maybe) electrical or mechanical engg. at IIT KGP?
It is safely assumed I will give my 100% to eiher.
And after the choice is made..(and even if I get the preferred branch through a dept. change) should I go for MBA to secure a decent placement?
Waiting in confusion,
Thank you.


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Based on the past records, it's evident that those who have maintained their academic CGPA above 7.5 in any of the disciplines and participated in various extracurricular activities at IIT Kharagpur, almost 98% students have been successful in getting the placement of their choice.

For securing further placement, you may enrol for Dual Degree program with B.Tech. in any discipline and MBA or M.Tech. in Financial Engineering / Engineering Entrepreneurship