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What are the prospects for DD course in Quality "engineering Design & manufacturing ?
Is there any possibility of good placements?


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A Dual Degree course is highly beneficial as students can finish Bachleors and Masters in 5 years. Additionally a dual degree program can give interdisciplinary exposure. While the B.Tech. is undertaken in one major discipline the M.Tech. can be undertaken in another discipline. Alternatively you can get both B.Tech. and M.Tech. degrees within 5 years thus giving you in-depth knowledge of the discipline you have chosen.

In the background of globalization, with the consumer and industrial products needing superior performance and economic value, there has been renewed realization in Indian Industry for highly qualified analytical, developmental and design engineering professionals. With an aim to fulfil this need, a new interdisciplinary dual degree programme is introduced at IIT Kharagpur with B.Tech. (Hons) in Engineering Product Design and Manufacturing and M.Tech in Design and Quality Engineering. The interdisciplinary programme is offered in two verticals – Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Electronics by the departments of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Industrial Engineering and Management (Coordinating Department). A student opting for this dual degree programme will be allocated one of the verticals based on his/her choice and his/her cumulative grade-point average at the end of first year.

The programme will inculcate in students an enhanced awareness of Engineering Design, Manufacturing and Quality issues related either to Mechanical Engineering Products such Automotive Systems or to Electronic Products such as Real-time Embedded Systems. The academic content of the program is accordingly designed to expose the students to most major engineering aspects related to such products including Product Modelling and Development, Design for Quality, Manufacturability and Assembly, and engineering courses on mechanical/industrial electronics discipline. The programme includes six-month dedicated Internship in leading organizations in product design and development.

The programme is aimed at imparting its students the required skill sets, knowledge, competence and sufficient hands-on experience to successfully perform in careers that involve determining customer requirements, conceiving the solution, designing the product, maturing it to a prototype, optimizing its performance and designing the process to manufacture it while ensuring superior quality and cost competitiveness of the final product.